Human Centered Designer



hive collaborative application


My thesis was based on the commonality of people forgetting and mismanaging great ideas and inspiration. I designed and prototyped an online system the user can take anywhere to log and share their ideas with the team.



The idea is simple. I want to help you, capture all those great ideas that come and go throughout the day and do something with them. Once you have captured an idea you need to collaborate and share to gain feedback, go through critiques, bounce ideas off a buddy, a community, and much more. I wanted to take the real world interaction and package it in a virtual environment.



To first start out my research I conducted a survey of 33 people. With a simple question survey I was able to target exactly what I wanted to figure out about how different people keep track of their ideas and what they do with them.

Concluding the survey I noticed that there are a lot of creatives out there in the world. The biggest pain point was capturing ideas and being able to act on them later. It seems that often people forget or aren’t motivated to work through the idea.



Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 6.57.56 PM.png

Visual Design

The idea for the mark was derived on how people are connected to each other. Hive will bring these connections to life through valuable dialog which brings creative minds together to collaborate.

Creating a simplistic easy to use system, I wanted to use illustrations and Icons as much as possible making it easier for user to decipher what function was being offered throughout the application.