Human Centered Designer



SID | Student Intermodal Direction


Collaborative design project that spanned all three design disciplines at Ohio State, including Visual Communication, Industrial design, and Interior space. My team was given the challenge to streamline OSU students transportation around campus.



Our team interviewed 12 students to get an understanding of the biggest pain points getting around the campus. From there we used affinity diagramming to plot and categorize what we needed to address and which features were MVP. Personas, user flows, and feature mapping were all critical at this stage.



Our team decided the best product for us to move forward with would be an application that would span across all transportation avenues. This was crucial to us because with such a large population on campus and a wide area to cover we wanted to be sure that all students were able to take use in the application. We combined bike, bus, and walking into the app via GPS location and map functionality to provide the users with multiple options and the choice of what was best for them individually.