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Data is the differentiator not the decision maker.


About me


As a UXer I design meaningful experiences that make people more efficient, effective, and fulfilled in their everyday lives. My process focuses on human centered design, which to me means to consider the holistic experience that builds a sustainable relationship between the product and consumer or user. This is done through qualitative and quantitative research, to form a clear understanding of the users, tasks, environments, and emotional impact the product will have on the users. Through an iterative atomic design process with multidisciplinary skills and perspectives, I produce solutions that meet the needs and desires of the users and client.

I believe co-collaboration is the best opportunity to employ user experience design thinking and techniques within a project team. Having all members and stakeholders understand and champion the design solution allows for a more streamlined process without any biases. This is done by allowing all team members a voice while providing real world data from user research to support idea creation and collaboration to find the correct solution that will keep the project on time and budget.  

I am part of a three-person creative team at Emerge Interactive, a digital innovation company headquartered in Portland Oregon. Since joining the company, I have focused the UX process to a more structured approach while opening collaboration between development and creative. I have also taken responsibility for over half of the UX work that was previously outsourced to a contractor, and am projected to take all UX work in house within 6 months.

Prior to joining Emerge Interactive, and before driving across country to Portland, I was heavily involved in the startup scene in Columbus Ohio where I consulted for three different accelerator companies for three years. This was a truly amazing experience that was fast paced and driven by passion. 

   I am an amateur professional disc golf player
·       I ride over 1,000 miles on my bicycle a year
·       I have summited over 10 mountain peaks
·       I was a fan of vine : (








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