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A peek into how my mind works!


User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design (UCD) is a framework of processes (not restricted to interfaces or technologies) in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, service or process are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.


Competitive Analysis

Performing an audit/review of competing websites and apps; conducting user testing of competing sites; writing a report that summarizes the competitive landscape.

Competitive Analysis

User Research

Capture user behavior, pain points, motivations, and needs from contextual inquires. Group into logical pillars. Map out product features for each pillar to identify gaps, opportunities, and feature bloat.

User Research

USER stories

Making sure you know who your users are. To do this, you need to talk to them and use the information you gather from those conversations to develop user personas.


user flows

Identifies user’s thought process and desired reactions toward each task flow segment.

User Flow

red routes

Define red routes for your product and you’ll be able to identify, prioritise and eliminate any usability obstacles on key user journeys.

Red Routes

information architecture

Understand your users, your data structure and your channels. How can you organize your navigation and content in a clear and consistent way.

information architecture

brainstorm sketch

Find a war room, fill it with markers and drinks, get together and sketch, discuss, vote, disrupt, have fun!



Add some details and structure to your ideas, reuse patterns and create pages on top of your user flows so you’ll not leave anything behind.



You can start creating paper prototypes and continuously iterate to more functional ones. Use sketches, HTML pages or static images, then just get some people and test.


ui elements / style guide

Reuse elements and patterns, follow your style guidelines, don’t have one? Create your guidelines. Start small, then create pages.

UI Elements

high fidelity mockups

It’s time to let your design shine, make it in the right way, don’t stop with the first solution, always ask “is this the best you can do?”