Human Centered Designer



Life trek | asus


Working in collaboration with ASUS on a wearable device. I created storyboards and mockups to explain my scenario for Life Trek. A fitness and calorie motivator worn on the wrist or collar throughout the day acting as a motivating friend to get you moving!



I interviewed 15 people and conducted a survey to understand what pain points were people experiencing throughout the day for tracking their daily caloric intake, activity, and sleep. I found that people were having a hard time staying accountable throughout the day as well as having trouble staying motivated to keep a healthy lifestyle. 



As smart phones were becoming more popular the goal for us was to harness the power of the phone and add increased functionality on an unobtrusive wearable that keep you honest throughout your daily regime. My main goal was to use as little screen time as possible. That is why an artificial intelligent persona was created within Life Trek to act as your buddy you take with you everywhere. Someone to help guide and motivate the user in continuing a healthy lifestyle.



A visual representation of the device as an initial prototype along with screens for both the wearable and the phone were created. The video walkthrough was done created in Taiwan at the ASUS headquarters after initial feedback from day one. This was all presented to the Director of Experience, Marketing Managers, a Lead Product Designer and a few Senior Designers on the second day.